Modern CO2 technology makes the difference



CO2 is the only refrigerant, which is purely natural, non-toxic and non-flammable.


Save up to 40% of ice arena electricity due to super-efficient heat recovery.


Fully digital automation technology. Manage your ice arena remotely.

What makes a good ice arena

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Testebo Ice Rink,

In Gävle, Huurre provided a new super modern system for ice rink and curling arena.

We replaced old technology with our environment friendly CO2 system Huurre ECO.

Huurre iTOP fully digital automated steering gives the customer possibility to manage the ice arena remotely.

The customer saves more than 30% of the electricity thanks to super efficient heat recovery.


Vegavallen ice rink in Sweden has Huurre’s first environment friendly ECO ICE DX (direct expansion) CO2 system.

It is probably one of the most energy-efficient ice rinks in the world!

Most simple construction with total heat recovery brings utmost energy and cost savings.

Huurre has provided the customer with unmatched ice temperature control Huurre iTOP with easy web access.

Huurre is a true forerunner in CO2 refrigeration

Huurre was established in 1946 in Finland. With over 70 years´ experience of diversified refrigeration solutions Huurre is a true pioneer.

Over a decade ago Huurre decided to focus on CO2 (R744) technology. Therefore Huurre CO2 solutions are the most proven and reliable systems in the field.

For the same reason, Huurre iTOP is the most comprehensive refrigeration automation system.

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